Say Hello to Chicago’s First Korean Supermarket

First letter…ames of food I can’t pronounce, a bar full of meat, and tanks full of seafood were just part of my visit to H Mart, Chicago’s first Korean market. I was a bit overwhelmed because there was so much to see; but with hundreds of people crammed into the stores opening weekend, I knew I was bound to miss something.

My jaw dropped as soon as I saw two of my favorite things – boba drinks and BBQ at the tiny food court. I grabbed a Matcha Green Tea smoothie with Rainbow Jelly and a Bulgorrito (Bulgogi-Burrito). Both were delicious, and on the plus side, I got to admire the trendy artwork on the food court walls as I chowed down.

Now with happy taste buds, I made my way into the crammed grocery aisles and my eyes lit up as I found familiar foods I couldn’t find anywhere in Chicago (not even in Chinatown)! I found a sense of comfort knowing I could finally make my favorite Asian dishes with the right ingredients. One of my absolute favorite parts of the market was the meat and seafood bars. It was clean and well thought out with the layout. The fish tanks were pretty amazing and had some sort of a waterfall edge going on. It was definitely worth checking out.

H Mart is exactly what Chicago needed. Besides Chinatown, there isn’t really any other asian stores to go to that carry all of these products. I no longer have to make the 45 minute drive out to the suburbs to get tasty Kim Chee and asian condiments.


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