African American Litfest 2018

Per the African American Litfest website:

Why do people advocate the burning and banning of books?
Who would ever deny others the privilege of learning to read and write?
Why in 2018, would America, as evident by its actions, continue to support a policy of educational inequality, although equal education for all is mandated by law in every city and state?Because there is power in the word!

It has been said that “reading is fundamental” but could it be that what we read is what eventually helps us to navigate our journey through life?

Do you agree that African American authors and writers must be supported in order to control what is feed into our next generation of leaders and citizens? Will it be the Africans in American, who defines and develops Black culture, political agendas and race consciousness?

The African American LitFest is breaking ground throughout the month of February at the Harold Washington Library located 400 S. State Street in Chicago. (Main Exhibit 3rd Floor North.)  

An array of writers, authors and workshops will be presented in celebration of Black History Month. This event is made possible by a partnership between the African American Services Committee and Soulful Chicago Book Fair, Founder Asadah Kirkland. 

If you truly believe in the power of reading and education, then show your support. Because every month is truly Black History Month and we should have a strong presence and voice in our library system EVERYDAY!

Take a look at the times and dates.



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