Slice of Bronzeville opens its doors

The community came to show their support today for Slice of Bronzeville, a new black owned business, that hosted its soft opening today at their new restaurant located on the corner of 47th and King Drive.

23E2969E-8F5F-4A88-A241-F6425564EB13“We chose this location because it’s an upcoming location and hey this is Bronzeville, it’s a part of Hyde Park, it’s right across from the Harold Washington Cultural Center and a lot of activities take place there,” said Tony Blair, head of Marketing and Advertising for Slice of Bronzeville.

The corner restaurant saw lots of traffic today as dozens of visitors lined the street for a slice, with some visitors waiting more than an hour, but expressing that it was totally worth the wait.

“The pizza was excellent, the chicken was great and I will definitely be a regular here,” said Jonas Davis, visitor of the new restaurant.

Staff members hope to attract regulars like Davis and share that the pizza here is made with something deeper than just the ingredients – and that’s what makes it so special.

“Compared to other pizza shops, they just put the meat on there and put the sauce on there they don’t put a lot of love in it, you see, we put a lot of love in it here,” says Blair with a smile.54CBD331-1494-455E-A00F-8E3AA1A9DAF5

Slice of Bronzeville opens daily at 11am and closes at 10pm on weekdays and 2am on weekends. Cash and credit cards are accepted at this location.

Slice of Bronzeville
4655 S King Dr.
Chicago, IL 60653


3 thoughts on “Slice of Bronzeville opens its doors

  1. I would love to check out this place when I visit Chicago. I love to support black owned businesses, I love supporting black people in their economic growth and development, and I support all things in the black community that are positive. If it ain’t positive and productive, I ain’t messing with it. That’s how we gotta be, we can’t support anything that’s not positive in our community.

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