Rep What You Love with Reppin Pins

Working a full-time job just wasn’t enough for creative director Francis Almeda, so he set out to launch Reppin Pins as a side business in 2016, to help him jog his creativity and mind.F7A5F977-568B-44E5-B328-80FD36839942

“I love the idea that something so small can mean something so big in someone’s life,” said Francis. “As humans, I believe that it’s in our nature to collect things, especially things that represent things we love.”

Francis and his wife Ann, have since created hundreds of pins and always have fun choosing what to create.

“I’ll be honest and say that I mainly make pins that represent things that I love. Luckily, I love a lot of things. I enjoy learning, exploring, and trying new things, which lends itself to new pin ideas.”

Francis uses his strengths as a fast designer to design the pins and uses a manufacturer to help produce the pins. Through this process, he has gained a lot of knowledge throughout the years.

“I learned to start a business through a lot of trial and error. I continue to try to fail at things faster, so I can learn from it and make the business grow.”

Since creating Reppin Pins, Francis and Ann have watched their business thrive and are proud to have their products placed in boutiques all over Chicago and around the world. And even with the hundreds of pins that have been made, Francis stays true to his mission and continues creating things he loves and reps it proudly.

“I have a huge pin collection and I go through phases on which one I wear on my jacket. I only wear one pin at a time, to rep the thing I’m loving at that time. Right now, my favorite pin is my “Leland” English Bulldog pin. He passed away recently, and it helps remind me that he’s always by my side.”

The entire collection of pins can be found at


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