A Family Hobby Turns into a Family Business

As a way to pay tribute to her mother and grandmother, Linda Meekins picked up some fabric and sewing materials to begin the start of Emma & Marie Designer Project.

“It’s actually just DNA, I guess I saw them do it so much. They’re both gone and I wanted to remember them by getting back to sewing, I wanted to experience and bless my business as well with the knowledge and the history. My mother she loved to decorate, she loved flowers and my grandma she would make the quilts,” said Meekins.

74373BF5-1224-4AF0-9583-A67DAADCFB14But it’s more than just quilts, the project consultant and designer also creates custom-handmade items including pillows, blankets, and bouquets. Each week she comes up with something different, with one of her most popular items being the “Guardian Angel” pillow.

“I’ve sold about a dozen of them already and it’s giving people something to hold on to after they’ve lost their loved ones,” said the Bronzeville resident.

Aside from bringing joy to people’s lives, the items also bring comfort to her own life.

“I like it a lot, it helps me relax when I make the pillows and knowing that it gives people something to read to have a good start in the morning or some inspiration to get their day started, that feels good.”

Since January, Meekins has put everything into the business; even turning one of her bedrooms into an office full of materials.

“I actually started at a neighborhood business and I liked it, so I did it again one more time right before Christmas. Then this year I said I’m going to run all the way with it, and we’ve been doing back to back events for the last four weeks.”F88C8036-E663-4F9F-A774-4743FD872EC2

Meekins is looking forward to watching her business grow and one day teaching her own child how to sew.

Her family’s favorite hobby, now turned into a family business.



  1. Thank you for sharing her story!! It’s great to see passion turn into purpose! Best of luck to you.

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