South Side Native Builds Confidence in Teens

Like many of us, author Ashley Korin was led by doubt, self-esteem and confidence issues as aScreenshot_20180304-220508 teen and young adult.

“Many of our life experiences align with the saying, ‘sometimes we are unable to see the forest for the trees,’” said Korin. “I spent many years in my own way until I decided to change my mind about what I thought of myself.”

This positive transition eventually turned to words in her book, Confidence Your Secret Weapon: A Guide to Building Confidence, published in January 2016. The personal development guide offers insight and philosophies to address issues of insecurity, negative thought patterns, low self-esteem and more.

“We all enter in and out of this negative space throughout our lives. As we begin to create anxieties, become anxious and allow doubt to move in and live rent free, so goes our perception of who we are, and ultimately self-sabotaging our endeavors.”

Targeted toward teens and young adults, the book provides exercises to help instigate confidence building tactics and methodologies that can be utilized in everyday life.

“I poured my thoughts, methods, and philosophies into this guide. I’m hopeful that others can use these elements to continue on their journey to become the best versions of themselves.”

screenshot_20180304-2205081.pngThe south side Chicago native has since carried on the words of her book into conversation, as she teamed up with Chicago Public Library branches to host “Confidence and Conversations” workshops, free to the public.

“My prayer is that through the book and workshops, my audience begins to grasp a better understanding of who they are, who they would like to become and have a clear path on how to get there, free from tree clutter.”

Confidence Your Secret Weapon: A Guide to Building Confidence can be purchased on Amazon.


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