Game Changers in the “New Music Industry”

Getting to see certain metal and rock bands at a venue in Springfield, Illinois wasn’t easy for 14-year-old Evan Price. So, out of pure desperation, he started a promotion company at an all ages venue.

“The bands would always just stop in Chicago or St. Louis, so I started reaching out to those bands’ agents,” said Evan Price. “I eventually broke through and more and more of them started trusting this 14-year-old with $500+ guarantees for their bands.”

From starting the promotion company to being the unofficial manager/organizer of a band he and his friends created, young Price followed his passion and years later earned a Music Business Management degree from Columbia College in Chicago.

9BECD9E4-4F6C-44DE-A983-41ABA4916DCDNow with the experience and degree in hand, Price founded Artist Collective, a Chicago based music consulting company.

“We help take artists from ‘part time artists, to a full-time business.’ It was started in 2013 and has taken several forms up until this point, but it’s always had the root objective of ‘getting artists back to the music.’ We help the artists streamline and prioritize the work needed to get them to monetization and to a recognizable brand.”

Artist Vinnie Hines was the company’s very first client. For years he hustled through cruise ship jobs, bar gigs, American Idol appearances and over 2,000 shows to get to the point of being considered “full-time.”

“After seeing the success and dedication that Artist Collective brought him, he became a proud owner of the company so he too can help other artists focus only on their passions in the long run.”1413FB5D-96B6-41F4-AD55-04DA19860C9B

Now running the business as a strong duo, the two always keep the motto in mind, “Your Music is a Brand, and Your Brand is a Business,” – and with this attitude, have helped dozens of artists across all music genres.

“Another client, Mikey to the P had 400 followers and took ticket deals in Chicago just to play out. Now he is a paid host at a weekly open mic that focuses on his talents, performs in Chicago with a guaranteed pay, has a combined average of 180k reach on all of his social media, and is now being approached by national events to have him host and perform.”

The proven success with their clients and now with the release of their new 12-week music consultation “Artist Accelerator Program,” Price hopes that the next five years will be a game changer for Artist Collective.

“We hope to be the leader in the rise of the “New Music Industry” (Independent artists/ post- record label) and to be the tastemaker in personal branding and business growth for the music industry.”


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