God’s BarbeeDoll Speaks Out Against Bullying

In hopes to inspire her mother and others around her, 9-year-old Madison Barbee, decided to write the book, My Secret Weapon Daily Devotional.

“I wrote the book to encourage others, and to let them know to stay strong and that God has your back,” said Barbee. “It’s a 31-daily devotional for encouraging others.”

Barbee, also known as God’s BarbeeDoll, is described as funny, talented and slightly sassy. As a student in grade school, she understands that many kids are bullied and has some inspirational words for those who are.

“Just ignore them, because you are beautiful and don’t change yourself just because people are saying mean things about you. Be who you are. There are tons of people who will accept you for who you are.”

Besides sharing positive messages as an author, the South Side native has also become a youth motivational speaker and advocate for standing up against bullying at her “#USpeak” events.D156CF39-A151-4276-873A-70D1DF126159

“It’s important to speak out because it’s mean, rude and I don’t like it. It takes more than just one to speak out and we have to change the world.”

With a heart full of love, brains and beauty, God’s BarbeeDoll is one step closer to doing just that. She is currently working on her second book and a kids inspirational clothing line.

“As her mom, I am so proud of the young lady she is developing into and admire her ambition and drive to be the best that she can be,” said Barbee’s mother, ZaKiya A. Williams. “She has so many desires and dreams that I only encourage her and help her. She is such an inspiration to me and others and actually pushes me to greater!”


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