Grandmother’s Recipe Makes a Comeback

We all love a good old-fashioned biscuit with some jam and jelly spread; but do we really know what ingredients are in those products?IMG_6035

Owner and Operator of V’s Delight, Vanessa Stevenson, has an alternative for Chicago residents and is serving up delicious products with just three ingredients.

“I make all kinds of jams and jellies,” said Stevenson. “It’s a tasty alternative to an over processed jam because it only has a few ingredients: fruit, sugar and pectin – the pectin is for the jam to make it gel together so it won’t be runny.”

She learned to make the jelly and jams from her grandmother at a young age and always had a great time creating them and spreading the love.

“I realized how much I enjoy doing it so I would give them to my friends and I wouldn’t sell it to them. Then one day one of my friends said, ‘You need to be selling this!’ So that’s how we got to V’s delight and our slogan ‘JAM! I need a biscuit.’”

The Bronzeville resident has since been selling her famous jams and jellies through her website, Facebook, and at the local Farmers Market.

If you’re wondering which ones are her most popular homemade items – it’s the Strawberry Lemony Jam, Blackberry Lime Jam and Pear Butter.


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