Q&A: The Art of Jaqui Arte

You may have bumped into Jaqui Arte at a local art exhibit, handmade market, or painting faces at Mole de Mayo. Now you can learn a little more about the artist who creates pieces full of vibrant color.

Chicago Flex had a chance to meet Arte, who shared her love for her culture and how it translates into her work.

What does your art represent?
Arte: First of all, I’m Chicana which means I’m of Mexican decent. My art reflects my culture, my heritage, my sexuality being a queer woman of color, and just my travels, political views and my spiritual views, kind of combined with a little bit of all that.

Why did you decide to use cactus in your art?
Arte: I do a lot of cacti work because to me the cacti represents the immigrant and how they survive and thrive with minimal; yet they flourish and give fruit, and as a chicana we are that fruit.

What do you hope people get out of seeing your art?
Arte: I hope it moves them, I hope it touches their spirit and influences them to do something that they love or speak about, be who they are and not be afraid.

Any new projects coming up? IMG_6041
Arte: I’m throwing an event “Que Viva El Party” on April 13th and bringing together a whole bunch of vendors and good friends to have fun and enjoy each other, everyone is welcomed to come stop by and check it out!

Where can people purchase your art?
Arte: Community events and on Facebook.


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