Mikey to the P – Cool Kid

Mikey to the P – “This song/video was never intended to make a political statement. It was originally written and performed in 2014. Much has happened since then. Still, we felt this message was powerful and needed to be heard, regardless. This song is meant to be literal at times, and ironic at others. Most of all, we wanted our protagonist’s experience to evoke empathy, and not violence. With that being said, we cannot ignore the traumatic events that have occurred during the inception of this project, most of all noting the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. For the record, we stand with students, teachers, and parents around the nation in their fight for a solution. The goal of this video is to bring awareness and make sure these events never happen again.” –
Mikey To The P, and the “COOL KID” team.

Song – “Cool Kid” Artist – “Mikey to the P” ft. Emily Nichelsen & Kristina Reyes Directed by Ty Gotham
Music & Lyrics by Mike Parrish Beat produced by Professor Fox
Song mixed and mastered by Sam Henderson
Starring Billy Ayers

Special thanks: Evan Price Vinnie Hines James Bloedel
Instagram: @mikeytothep
Twitter: @mikeytothep
Contact: evan@artistcollect.com


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