Shake’N up the Game

Growing up in the “Wild 100’s” then on the Eastside, Sean Phelps earned the name “Shakie Sean” in the streets, as he was nice with the dice.

“My father was a gambler, so coming up I shot dice,” said Phelps. “I really don’t shoot like I used to, but if the money long enough, we can see what they hit for.”

While still open to a game of dice, his mind is set on much bigger tasks — as “Shakie Sean” is now most commonly known as Aggressive Management Group’s “Chitown Shake.” His list of clients includes artists Bump J, Parkay, Brain Hussla, and Producer Chase Davis.

“I move behind the scenes, I try to get these artists everything they deserve and more.”

Though his mind is set to providing the most for his clients, he admits that he went through tough times, especially when his brother Bump J was gone for eight and a half years.

“I really had to regroup for a minute. I wasn’t worried about him being locked up, I knew he was good because he was Honorable, and wasn’t a rat, he did what he did to feed his family, and he dealt with the consequences like a man,” said Shake. “Now we’re back to business and he’s a better person, father, and business man.”

Back and better than ever, the two have proven they aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

“We have big things going on right now. Bump is about to release his first project since coming home, “Luxury” which is absolutely amazing. Parkay is releasing his new project “Handz On” which is accompanied with a documentary. Brain Hussla is working on his project and Chase Davis is out here murdering on the beats. We’re also getting into film this year, with a series Bump and I wrote and we’re really excited about that.”

Even with all the projects in the music scene, Shake isn’t putting his talents to rest.

“As far as fashion, I try to create what I would wear. I have three brands, two of them I own with my brother Bump J. (High End & Pure) and another with my mentor, the OG Jay Boogie (Grams & Ounces) — all three are different style brands.”15073458_216115495492578_584724294805475508_n

The fashion he designs always comes from the stand point of the streets because fashion to him comes from street culture.

“I’m a graphic designer also so I’m able to create my vision in Illustrator or Photoshop first to have a visual idea of where I want to go. It also helps that my Family owns a Screen Printing business (One Accord Printing) so I understand how that part works too. Jay Boogie who’s been in the Fashion Industry 20+ years taught me how to cut & sew, I’m so grateful he taught me because when I was young you wasn’t on nothing if you didn’t have a Jay Boogie Leather jacket.”

Aside from Jay Boogie and his family, he credits much of his fashion game to Chicago designers who have helped him along the way including Jay, Dante Beals (The Fashion Firm) Alonzo Jackson (Fashion Geek) Dave Jeff (PHLI Worldwide) Brandon Rials (BLR Designs) & Chelsey Carter (Alex Carter).

With Shake showing he’s a force to be reckoned with in the fashion and music industry, he credits his work ethic to one man.

“My Grandfather, Mr. Hale. He is the only person I ever wanted to be like and still do,” said Shake. “He’s my hero, he’s the definition of a Real Man.”

Following in his Grandfather’s footsteps, Shake even picked up some of his hobbies.

16999225_264680363969424_9211195284688447034_n“He would take pictures of the whole family like we were at Sears and our curtains was the back drop. He always had nice cameras. Still to this day he’s 92 years old and wants to take pictures for his Facebook,” laughs Shake. “I like capturing the moments when people are just being themselves, no posing. I take a lot of photos of my son, he’s always into something.”

Whether it’s spending time with his son, managing artists, or even shooting dice; Shake stays true to his character and shares some words of wisdom for those who look up to him.

“If you want something don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t get it. Dedicate yourself and out work everyone. Make sure your business is in order. Nothing happens overnight. Cultivate relationships, it’s very important. Every dollar isn’t a good dollar so be selective of who and how you do business. Build you a great team and support system, you can’t do it all by yourself. And lastly do everything with integrity & honor.”



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