Rose Buds Recipe for Good Skin

It wasn’t until Mariya moved to Chicago from Bulgaria that she began experiencing Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 10.22.04 PM.pngissues with her skin due to the sudden changes in weather.

“I went from not having any issues with my skin to feeling like I was a teenager again,” said Mariya Sicilian, Owner of Rose Buds Chicago. “I did not have the means to afford extremely expensive skincare products, nor did I want to resort to using store-bought mass-produced products with questionable ingredients.”

So Mariya began researching natural skincare cosmetics and was reminded of a time when she was a little girl and watched as her grandmother made various potions from herbs and flowers.

“She would put them on her face and I would laugh at her for looking silly! She would scoff and tell me that someday I’ll need it too.”

IMG_2825When that “someday” finally approached, Mariya set out to create Rose Buds Chicago, a company that creates unique handmade skincare products using the purest ingredients available.

“Think about it this way – we wouldn’t want to eat food which is filled with toxic ingredients, so why put it on our bodies? Up to 60% of what we put on our skin ends up being absorbed in the body and when we use products that are made from harmful artificial ingredients which are harmful to our body’s detoxification processes and on the entire immune system, including our skin! The right natural ingredients can clear up break outs, prevent and soothe irritations and protect from sun damage.”

Now the “badass” company whose name  (Rose Buds) was created from Bulgarians obsession with roses, carries everything from beard care, tattoo care, scrubs, salve, and even doggy paw balm with all natural ingredients. Mariya even admits using some of her grandmother’s own recipes for her products.

“The Calendula Salve and Rose Salve I currently have on my website are both my grandmother’s recipes! The Rose Clay Sugar Scrub is a modernized version of the sugar scrub she used to make for herself. A lot of my products contain rose essential oil and rosehip seed oil, which were also my grandmothers favorite!”img_3669_polarr.jpg

Without having experienced as a little girl the times she thought her grandmother was silly with those herbs and flowers on her face, Rose Buds Chicago would have never been possible. Mariya credits her grandmother and mother for all the knowledge and hard work they showed her growing up, which helped her to create the unique brand.

“My grandmother loved everything natural and was like an encyclopedia when it came down to herbs and flowers! She could tell you what each and every plant was used for and what was the best way to use it. My mother is an entrepreneur and a badass with the biggest can-do attitude, who isn’t scared to tackle everything life throws her way!”

With her own handmade skincare products used to keep her skin clear and a brand she created from the ground up, Mariya is excited for the road ahead.

“2018 will mark my third year in the Windy City and I think I’m finally adjusting to the constant weather changes and most importantly – the cold! And if I have to be honest I wouldn’t live anywhere else!”


5 thoughts on “Rose Buds Recipe for Good Skin

  1. Mariya I’ve been a fan ever since I met you at that event back in January! You were really nice and super helpful! I’ve been using these products for a little over 2 months now and my skin has drastically changed! I survived a harsh winter! My skin feels so much smoother now and I’ve had way less breakouts! Will you be at another event soon? I need more of that Rose Clay Sugar scrub! Thank you Mariya for sharing your story and your gift!

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