Underwear for All Genders, PERIOD

When it comes to menstruation, companies create products that are aimed at the majority, leaving the rest with no other option but to wear what is sold. Owner of Pyramid Seven, Zipporah Jarmon, wanted to change this scenario by creating a product that sells underwear “for periods, not gender.”

Photo Credit: Nicci Briann

Photo Credit: Nicci Briann

“Over the course of a menstruator’s lifetime they will have approximately 450 periods, and no two experiences are alike. For this reason alone, there should be more conversations about periods!” said Jarmon. “We’ve been really intentional about opening up dialogue about who has periods, broadening the conversation to people whose identities are often marginalized and forgotten.”

Raised on the South Side of Chicago, Jarmon identifies as a cisgender, masculine-presenting woman. Brought upon by her own feelings of dysphoria that arose from having to wear feminine underwear during her menstruation cycle, she created Pyramid Seven.

“Our company has always been centered around making an affirming and validating product while highlighting people who have often been excluded and forgotten by the period product industry,” said Jarmon. “With that in mind, our boxer brief have an interior pocket to secure menstrual products such as pads and panty liners, with an additional leak resistant feature. We believe it is important that menstruators have the ability and flexibility to choose what products they want to use.”.

Knowing first-hand how it feels to be disregarded by the mainstream, Jarmon made it her mission to give the minority group, as much of a voice as those in the majority.

Photo Credit: Jelena Lazarevic

Photo Credit: Jelena Lazarevic

“We wanted to make a comfortable, affirming and functional period product for everybody, not just cis, straight, feminine presenting people. Ultimately, being inclusive of people who menstruate, no matter how they identify, became just as important as the product itself.”

Photography: Nicci Briann and Jelena Lazarevic.




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