Q&A: Pre Dolla to release “That New Pack” on 4/20

Chicago Flex recently got a chance to catch up with Southside artist “Pre Dolla” who will be dropping “That New Pack” on April 20th. Following prior mixtapes including “Flyer Than a Lear” hosted by Stack or Starve DJ Dough From the Go, we anticipate this project to deliver iconic lyrics and electric beats.

The humble and motivated artist has also showcased his work at numerous spots in Chicago, as well as in the Lex Recs Party in Peace Tour which included stops in Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, Memphis, and Louisville.

1522871392903_theNewPacWhy the name Pre Dolla? 
Pre Dolla: Originally my name started off as Pre$ice (Presice), which breaks down to Pre, $, Ice, as in, before the Money and Ice. Eventually, after running across a few other artists with the name Precise, I shortened it down to just Pre Dolla, to separate myself from any other artist.

When did you realize you wanted to get serious about your music? And why?
Pre Dolla: I started off listening to my favorite Rap Artists and literally stopping the song after like every line, to write down the lyrics. That’s how I began to learn the breakdown of songs and verses.  So, in high school – I was just writing, and watching other people rap.

What part of Chicago are you from? 
Pre Dolla: Southside of Chicago –  79th street area, West of the Dan Ryan.

Where is your favorite place to write lyrics? 
Pre Dolla: Sometimes I like to lock myself in the car, with the beat on repeat, and just hot box and zone out. Other times I prefer being out of town, or on the road.  New scenery inspires new material.

Who is Pre Dolla outside of being an artist? 
Pre Dolla: Pre Dolla is a laid-back, chill, no non-sense, 420 enthusiast, who loves to travel and admire different forms of Art.  I also design graphics and clothing.

What or who inspires you as a musician? 
Pre Dolla: Good music, as well as artists who specialize in excellent wordplay and rhyme patterns that inspire me to go harder. Not to mention haters, and the lack of proper recognition, that definitely drives me to give my all.

What do you hope people gain from your music when they listen to it? 
Pre Dolla: As far as the lyricists, I’m positive that after listening to my music, they will easily recognize the hard work I put into my craft.  The general public will understand that I’m not just an average  “rapper” who glorifies violence.

What would you be doing if you didn’t pursue music? 1522871393353_thenewpac(1)
Pre Dolla: I would probably be traveling the world, or investing in some type of Marijuana Business.

What can people expect from your upcoming project That New Pack? 
Pre Dolla: It’s 10 tracks of laid-back, smooth flows with unique bars and rhymes.  The perfect tape to vibe to late nights after the club, on a road trip, or if you’re taking a late night flight. This project gives you a Curren$y – JetLife / Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Gang, type of feeling.

Anything else you would like to add in that we didn’t ask you? 
Pre Dolla: Make sure to check out my group project as well, Doe Dolla Kash – “Birthdays and Funerals” available on #DatPiff.

Check out my label mate, Kash Millz,  who will also be dropping another project right after mines, entitled “Thoughts Paintin’ Pictures”. 




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