Use this to Track Street-Sweeping and Avoid $60 Fine

As the weather warms up around the city, you may notice a lot more parked cars with that dreaded bright orange envelope. Yes, street-sweeping season is amongst us all, which means you better be on top of your game to avoid throwing $60 down the drain for leaving your car in a designated sweeping zone.

You can stay ahead of the game, using the city’s new online tool that provides residents and visitors a way to track when the next street sweep is taking place in the neighborhood. The tracker website does not alert you when a sweep is nearby, rather, it will tell you where the sweepers are and when the next scheduled sweep is taking place on your street.

Signs will still be posted as usual at least 24 hours in advance of a street sweep. Street and Sanitation crews will continue cleaning streets until early November, as weather permits.


Jodelle is originally from Hawaii and moved to Chicago in 2012. She received her Master’s from DePaul University in 2014 and has worked for various organizations including the NBA Los Angeles Clippers, MLS Chicago Fire, Hallmark Movie Channels, Disney ABC Television Group, Comcast SportsNet Chicago, and ABC7 Los Angeles. She created Chicago Flex in 2018 after experiencing life as a television news reporter and seeing the impact and positive influences stories had on people’s lives. Her mission is to get us all back to our roots of knowing our neighbors, our community, and our people. Follow Jodelle on Facebook and Instagram @jodelle.maglaya

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