Shedding Light on the City with Chicago or Nowhere

Coming from different walks of life, Chuck Wright, owner of LEXICON, and Kevin Crawford, owner of Inspiring Lives Apparel, crossed each other’s paths on the West Side of Chicago in 2016. After sharing their experiences with one another and realizing they had the same values in life, they decided to create a brand that would spread positively throughout Chicago.

“We created ‘Chicago Or Nowhere’ with the aim to bring awareness to the accomplishments of our great city,” said Wright, co-owner of Chicago or Nowhere.

The apparel brand is focused on inspiring and motivating others while creating a positive vibe and reminding people to support one another.

“My thought process is if everybody in Chicago is walking around with this tee on, there’s no reason for us to beef or hate on each other. Everybody should get along if we all reppin’ Chicago,” said Crawford, co-owner of Chicago or Nowhere.

Crawford himself was inspired to spread positivity after seeing the way some people lived while working on a jobsite.

“I used to work pest control a couple of years ago and all of our contracts were with Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) property, and just seeing the elements people live in, in the projects, is what led me to want to make a change,” said Crawford.

“As I got older and wiser, I began to understand how my surroundings conditioned me to make some unfavorable choices and began to realize that it was directly connected to my environment,” said Charles. “Therefore, I chose to counter that and create something clean and artistic that everyone could relate to. From that, my first tee was created with the slogan ‘You can’t knock down what God stood up’.”

Learning from past experiences, they gained the values of respect, hard work, teamwork

Inspiring Lives Apparel x LEXICON

and honesty; and that is what drives these two to continue working together to make power moves.

“What we hoped for is what we have achieved, and that’s for the people of Chicago to understand that Chicago is an amazing city, that has done some amazing things,” said Wright.

And by teaming up together, the two are showing everyone that teamwork makes the dream work. In just two months of creating the first “Chicago or Nowhere” tee back in July 2017, they sold about 700 tee’s and have sold hundreds more since then.

Kevin and Chuck have also created a promotional video for the brand, that highlights everything Chicago is known for. Check it out here: Chicago or Nowhere


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