Marial Wave: Filling a Void in the Community

At the age of 13, James “Marial” Hoffman went through a devastating loss when his big brother Rudolph was shot and killed due to gang violence, prompting his family to leave Chicago.

“My family and I moved to Alabama to get away from all the crime and gang violence because my parents didn’t want anything to happen to me,” said Hoffman. “I attended high school in Alabama and I remember how much I hated being away from my friends in Chicago.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.08.04 PM
Marial Wave Owner, James Hoffman

Hoffman eventually graduated from high school, played basketball at a few different junior colleges, and decided that he would move back to Chicago after completing barber school — as he knew there would be more opportunities for him to earn money.

When he finally made his move back to the city, he realized there was a void within his community.

“There’s not enough entrepreneurs that are doing something positive in my community,” said Hoffman. “In my hood either you play a sport or you sell drugs to try to make a way out. I feel like the kids need to see it from another perspective.”

That’s when Hoffman decided to be part of the change and try something new that he was passionate about.

“I have always wanted to have waves since I was young, my dad had me using the bottle towel and that sporting waves grease. I used to go in the beauty supply stores with my momma and I used to see the SCurl boxes and wish I could get my face on there.”

With those childhood memories always lingering in the back of his head and his talent of working with hair, Hoffman prayed about it and created his own brand, named Marial Wave.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.09.31 PM“I am the typical young man from Chicago who lost family members to the gang violence. I had the dream and drive to try to make it and do something different. My Marial Wave Pomade is the best hair pomade out right now, especially if you’re looking for a great shine or hold, and it’s also great for dry scalp. It’s light, not as greasy as the other pomade products.”

The all natural hair items can now be purchased at two stores in Chicago (Chicago Urban Beautique on 13th and Madison and Beauty Gallery on 25th and Washington), two stores in Alabama, and at a St. Petersburg, FL location.

Marial notes that even with the struggles he has experienced, from losing his brother to adjusting to life in a new city, he knows how fortunate he really is to be able to start his own business and make his dreams come true.

“I am a walking testimony, God has blessed me. If you invest in doing something positive for yourself, being a local entrepreneur is the way to go.”



  1. This product is smooth and smells great light on the hair and hands not hard to remove it give the hair a feel that nothing else ever could I’ve been trying to find something for my boys hair that I could put on in the morning and not regret touching it myself other products have been so hard to get off my hands that I always end up taking 10 minuets in front of the sink trying to get it off. My boys hair looks and feels great this is the product for all of the men in my life ….

    1. This is so great to hear Synthia! I’m so glad your boys and all the men in your life have a product that smells great, is light on the hair, and not hard to remove! Keep spreading the word!!

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