Jay DeMari: Passion for Fashion

DeMisha Burk’s passion for fashion developed in her early teen years as she walked around her childhood home; not knowing that one day she’d have others walking around showing off her very own fashion line.

IMG_20180208_163945_689“I would imagine being a high fashion runway model using my bedroom and front room as my catwalk because both rooms connected and it made my imaginary catwalk longer,” said Burks.

She carried on her love for fashion in her adult years but put her dreams on hold to pursue a degree in Business. During that time, she strengthened her spirituality and developed a deeper bond with God.

“I just remember praying and praying, asking God for strength and confidence and started declaring in the Righteousness of God Through Christ Jesus,” said Burks. “From that moment, I began believing in myself and trusting God wholeheartedly and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.”

Her faith and passion for fashion carried her through, especially through the hard times she encountered in life.

“For someone like me who dealt with fear of rejection and not being good enough in the eyes of others; fashion for me created a platform for me to tell my story and express myself through my garments.”

With her chic style sense and a heart full of love, she finally found it in herself to take a leap of faith.IMG_20180130_150018_840

“I got to a point in my life where I no longer wanted to stand in the shadow of fear and watch everyone else live out their dreams and aspirations. In 2016, I began writing down ideas and creating a plan for Jay DeMari.”

After months of planning and building a solid foundation, Burk’s launched her fashion brand, Jay Demari, in 2017.

“Every design even down to the name unveils an untold story. The name Jay DeMari is a representation of me, named after my son Jaylan DeMari, and the Roseline is the fingerprint of the brand and through each line a story would be told unraveling each layer.”

She notes that inspiration for her brand comes at a moment’s notice and she finds it in everyday life.

“When I’m creating or designing it sometimes comes randomly because I can pull inspiration from something I saw while I am out or from an idea that may come to me while driving or during the night. In that moment, a sense of excitement comes over me and I try to rush and write it down so that I don’t forget,” said Burks.

IMG_20171213_112328_147Her God given skills and work ethics has landed her at events such as New York Fashion Week and behind the scenes of fashion shows, giving her memories that will last a lifetime.

“OMG it was amazing and everything in between! Attending New York Fashion Week has always been a dream of mine, but to actually be behind the scenes of Style Weekly is something I never imagined so soon. I got a chance to work with great brands such as Chicago Playground! It was definitely an experience I will never forget!”

As creator of the popular brand Jay DeMari, Burk’s hopes that she can help uplift others and remind them how important faith really is.

“I hope throughout this entire journey, I can create a platform for women and the youth to be confident, fearless, and great through my brand; and that no matter what journey they embark on, no one determines your path but God!”

Cover Photo Credit: Chicago Playground


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