Artist of the Month: Sincere

While growing up, Sincere was an avid music listener, but never considered being an artist; until just last year when he saw how music was evolving and realized he had a gift of rapping.

“I thought, why not put out good music and see the response I get,” says Sincere.

Sincere1The West Side/Maywood native, was given his stage name from his grandmother who would always say he was a sincere child and went around making sure people were okay.

“I’m a kid from the west side of Chicago, and I had to be a strong individual growing up in the neighborhood I’m from,” says the rapper. “It made me a lil’ more advanced than most kids seeing things I saw and actually having to grow up young.”

Those experiences helped him to grow as a writer and he says that inspiration for his music strikes at any time.

“I actually write throughout the day and if a bar comes up in my head, I just write it down.”

He hopes that through his music, people can gain a sense of his story and to know him better as an artist as he talks to the streets or the people who have been down and out and have been through similar struggles.

“There’s people that were in my situation and are still going through stuff, so I want to motivate them and keep them afloat to let them know that I was in a struggle but you can work your way out.”

One of the main reasons why he aims to inspire others around him and to hone his skills is because of his child.

“My daughter inspires me every day just knowing she’s going to be watching,” says Sincere. “I want her to know that you can chase your dreams no matter what it is. Ain’t no telling where I would be if, I didn’t pursue music, but my daughter would always be my main focus.”Sincere2

The up and coming artist released his first single “Free Throw” in May 2018, which has already gained popularity in clubs, and on the radio station’s, 107.5 WGCI and Power 92.3.

“Real rap is coming back –  that real raw, hip hop feel,” says Sincere. “Stay tuned for the upcoming project “DID I LOSE U” coming out Summer 2018, and “Tales From Da Trap” following.


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