Local Grooming Company Making Pawsitive Changes Nationwide

After reading the statistics of approximately 3.9 million dogs entering animal shelters each year, and 1.2 million of them being euthanized, three guys set out to change those numbers in a unique way.

“The biggest aspect of our company is our mission to help dogs in need and end dog homelessness,” said Michael Kelly, a co-owner of Houndstooth Grooming Company. “That is our number one. The second most important aspect was creating men’s grooming products that were higher class and better than the majority of products available. We figured, if we could create products that customers would love to use, then we could use that excitement as a means of being able to support our mission.”

Along with Michael, his partners Matthew Wing and Kevin Kelly created Houndstooth Grooming Company in March 2018 and made it their goal to make the process of choosing grooming products easier for their customers. From hair pomade to paste, the dog lovers made sure to create products that they would personally use, leaving all the bad chemicals out.

“We figured, if people would get behind the idea of having high quality products, then we could use those products to do good,” said Michael.

In less than six months, the guys have already teamed up with Bark-Aid, an organization that raises awareness and funds for homeless animals across the country. The three business owners know that dog homelessness extends beyond their hometown of Chicago and are hoping to use their brand to reach more animal friendly organizations.

“We are happy to support and partner with any type of organization or charity that aligns with our mission of helping dogs in need,” expressed Michael.

While it’s only been a few months into their journey on making pawsitive changes in collaboration with their men’s grooming products, the guys have high hopes for the upcoming years.

“We want our brand to be recognized not only for our contributions, but for quality products,” said Michael. “In five years, we would love to be one of the top grooming lines worldwide, and we will continue fighting to achieve that goal every single day.”

You can expect to see Houndstooth Grooming expand to all facets of grooming in the next few months from shaving to skin care products.

Check out their products here and find out more about their mission.


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