Nike Chicago Reigniting Belief in City’s Youth

What is formerly known as the Church of Epiphany in the West Loop, is now a pop-up experience with a basketball training facility designed to help inspire the city’s youth by Nike Chicago.

IMG_0892“Basketball is everything in Chicago. Just Do It HQ at The Church is a place for Chicago to reignite belief in the next generation and help them chase their hoop dreams, powered by the best coaches, innovative product and elite training,” said a representative of Nike.

The temporary installation, that will be up until the end of August, is introducing how the power of sport can be a catalyst for change and provide a safe haven for Chicago’s youth. Just Do It HQ has been in conceptual development since the beginning of this year, with the installation taking just over a month to complete.

The space will host nearly 2,000 elite high school aged players from across the city to train with Nike Basketball throughout the month. Players will be involved in interactive workshops, pro athlete appearances, and skills clinics.IMG_0891

“Just Do It HQ at The Church builds on our summer-long effort of helping to instill belief and bring inspiration to thousands of youth through meaningful and safe community experiences, including Nike’s Basketball Family Reunion, Nike Rise Summer Basketball Camps, elite youth basketball tournaments like Nike Nationals and more,” said a Nike representative. “In addition, Nike’s Swoosh Summer Academy provided free leadership training and coaching to 2,000 community recreation leaders, serving more than 40,000 kids as part of this year’s Chicago Park District Summer Camp program.”

Nike Chicago is looking forward to continuing serving the city’s youth, in hopes that this sanctuary for basketball encourages them to chase any dream they might have.

IMG_0888“No matter if they have dreams on or off the court, this experience is geared to inspire them to believe in that dream and know that if they are willing to work for it, no dream is unattainable,” said the Nike representative. “At Nike, we come from a rich history and culture of sport innovation and serving the athlete – it’s integral to Nike’s brand DNA. We believe in the incredible power of sport and its ability to bring people together, pave a pathway to opportunity and help inspire all.”


The space will be open Monday – Saturday throughout the month of August for groups of Chicagoland student athletes. On Sundays, the space will be open to walk-up programming for local residents.


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