Organizing Your Chicagoan Schedule

We all enjoy going to sporting events, concerts, spending time at art museums and so many other recreational activities. However, with our busy schedules, it can be hard to fit the activities we love into them. With these few tips, you can make your schedule work for any event. Create A Routine Think about what … Continue reading Organizing Your Chicagoan Schedule


Teen Violinist Scores Big at NBA Halftime Shows

Entering his first few months as a teenager, Chicago native Giovanni Mazza has mastered the skill of playing the violin and has been showcasing his talents in stages across the nation. “When Giovanni was three, I took him to an instrument petting zoo at a library, and he seemed to gravitate towards a tiny violin,” … Continue reading Teen Violinist Scores Big at NBA Halftime Shows

Mr. Pope – Be a Buddy (Anti-Bullying Song) Artist and 5th grade reading teacher, Mr. Pope,  drops an Anti Bully Anthem, "Be a Buddy." The song is not only a catchy one, it delivers a deep message for the youth. Facebook: @mrpopechicago Twitter: @mrpopechicago Instagram: @mrpopechicago Sound Cloud: @mrpopechicago CONTACT: for performances and speaking engagements.

What’s Turning Green for St. Patrick’s Day?

Companies are joining in on the fun and giving the river turned green some friendly competition. Here are some establishments around town that are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in style by turning treats green this holiday! Dunkin Donuts The city’s favorite donut joint will be serving up some green glazed donuts. Garrett Popcorn The delicious … Continue reading What’s Turning Green for St. Patrick’s Day?